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Ridge Tile Repointing Services All Across Sussex

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Ridge Tile Repointing

Re-Roofs Direct provides a comprehensive service for ridge tile repointing across Sussex. With a team of highly trained and experienced roofers, they make sure that all work is done professionally and safely. From the initial inspection of your roof, to the sealing and reinstatement of your ridge tiles, Re-Roofs Direct deliver a reliable and efficient service, designed to provide the best possible outcome. All ridge tile repointing work is completed using only the highest standard of materials, to ensure the long-term longevity of your roof.

When ridge tiles are not correctly re-pointed, this can lead to water collecting and pooling on the roof, making the roof even more vulnerable to damage. As a result, repointing ridge tiles is an important part of maintaining a robust and hard wearing roof. Re-Roofs Direct offers a thorough ridge tile repointing service, including all necessary repairs to any existing problems. The team makes sure that all ridge tiles are correctly placed and re-pointed, and any damaged tiles are replaced, using the highest quality materials.

In providing ridge tile repointing services, Re-Roofs Direct carry out a thorough inspection of the entire roof. During this process, they inspect all ridge tiles for signs of cracking, chipping or decay. Any of these problems indicate that the tile is not correctly sealed and needs to be re-pointed. As part of the service, all loose mortar joints are removed, then the tiles are re-pointed with a new, flexible cement based solution. This ensures the ridge tiles are correctly lined up and that the joint is fully sealed.

Ensuring your roofs ridgetiles are secure prevents water ingress

Re-Roofs Direct also use the latest technology and equipment to help complete their repointing work. This includes the use of Unimouse – a wireless camera system which allows the roofers to safely and accurately inspect your roof from the ground. This helps to reduce the amount of disruption caused to your property, as well as reducing the risk of damage to the ridge tiles during the inspection process.

Re-Roofs Direct provide an outstanding service for ridge tile repointing, making sure that all work is completed to the best possible standard. Each roofer is highly trained and experienced, making sure the job is done with minimal disruption to your property, and that the highest quality materials are used. So if you are in Sussex and need ridge tile repointing, Re-Roofs Direct can give you the best care and service available.

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